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Intro | Aircraft (Military Specification) Terminals

Aircraft control cables were developed to meet the need for lightweight, strong and flexible cable to reliably control the various functions of an aircraft. A manufacturer listed on the U.S. Government Qualified Products List (QPL) for the specification produces the cable to conform to military specification MIL-DTL-83420 (formerly MIL-W-83420). Because of the rigid, well-defined specifications governing the production of the cable, many industrial and commercial users have adopted this as their standard even for non-aircraft applications. The one characteristic that separates aircraft cable from non-aircraft cable is its high fatigue resistance. Each lot of aircraft cable must pass a rigorous fatigue resistance test.


There is also a very specialized form of aircraft control cable known as lockclad. Lockclad control cable consists of aircraft cable conforming to MIL-DTL-83420 over which is swaged an aluminum tube of proper thickness and length. This combination provides several advantages.

1) It lowers the creep stretch.
2) The smooth cylindrical surface provides for closer sealing through pressure walls.
3) It dampens the vibration of the cable.
4) It provides a higher coefficient of thermal expansion.

The swaged tubing compacts the cable, resulting in an increase in the AE value which minimizes undesirable stretch characteristics caused by load application. This combination also provides a coefficient of expansion that more nearly synchronizes thermal expansion and contraction of control cables to the airframe of the plane, and this effects a noticeable improvement in sensitivity of control.

The aluminum tubing is swaged only to straight runs of control assemblies. Those sections passing around pulleys must be left bare. For this reason, no increase in strength over the bare cable is obtained by the use of Lockclad. Bergen Cable Technology, Inc. is only one of two companies in the world that has been approved by the U.S. Government to manufacture lockclad cables according to MIL-DTL-87218.



Please see the Commercial Control Cable page for a listing of the aircraft cables that are available.

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