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Commercial applications often call for cross-disciplinary application of cable, conduit and fittings design expertise, along with knowledge of metallurgy, plastics and manufacturing engineering. They also require the physical resources to harness that knowledge in meeting or exceeding product specifications while satisfying delivery requirements.

Bergen's experience with non-rotating Military Specification cable has helped meet new design challenges for everything from easy maintenance lighting fixtures to physical fitness products.

Fatigue failure of cable used in X-ray and MRI equipment is as much a critical human safety factor as a product liability issue. Bergen transferred its experience with Military Specification cable to dramatically reduce liability concerns for some of the world's leading medical device and component manufacturers with minimal increase in manufacturing cost.

Every surgical procedure demands total concentration so there shouldn't be any concerns about the reliability of a surgical suture gun or leaving behind foreign debris in vivo. Based upon their experience, Bergen engineers designed miniature fittings that met the space constraints of this product, yet exceeded the reliability requirements for pull-off load.


Commercial cable is often referred to as “aircraft grade” but is not the same as aircraft control cable manufactured under MIL-DTL-83420. Some applications do not require the high fatigue resistance of MIL-DTL-83420 aircraft control cable. These can utilize a commercial grade of cable and fittings that may be more cost effective.

When specifying or ordering cable, it is important to distinguish between Military Specification and commercial grade cable. Commercial grade cable is not subject to the same stringent manufacturing and performance test procedures as “ true” Military Specification cable. The majority of applications utilize one of the stocked cable listed below. For other requirements, materials and sizes as well as design assistance, call Bergen Cable.

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