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Some of Bergen's best design engineering ideas are never seen by the end users - and with good reason.

Push-pull controls require longevity. They are the “hidden” solutions without which an automobile seat might not be adjusted, a window opened or closed or highway speeds, properly controlled.

In medical applications, these components have helped save lives through their use in surgical and endoscopic devices, as well as X-ray and MRI equipment. Patient recovery has been promoted through their installation inside wheelchairs and hospital beds.

Bergen Bertrol® brand push-pull controls have also had a positive impact on human health through their use in physical fitness equipment such as incline adjustments on treadmills and recreation by way of trim, steering and throttle controls for personal watercraft.

In addition, Bergen push-pull assemblies have taken to the skies to provide comfort in reclining and safety and reliability in ejection aircraft seats.


Bergen's Bertrol® assemblies are designed for positive, precise transmission of mechanical motion. There are two types of Bertrol® control assemblies:

Push-Pull – where motion is applied in one direction by compression and in the opposite directions by tension.

Pull-Pull – where motion is applied by tension and the control is returned to its original position by spring actuation.

Bertrol® assemblies consist of four basic elements: conduit, conduit fitting, core and core fitting.

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